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Microscopy and Specimen Preparation Presentation

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Slide 1 The Study of Microbial Structure: Microscopy and Specimen Preparation Chapter 2 Slide 2 Outline • Light microscope • Preparation and staining of specimens • Electron microscopes • Newer techniques in microscopy • Confocal microscopy Slide 3 2.2 The Light Microscope • Many types • Bright-field microscope • Dark-field microscope • Fluorescence microscope • Compound microscopes • Image formed by action of 2 lenses Slide 4 The Bright-Field Microscope • Produces a dark image against a brighter background • Has several objective lenses • Differ in magnifying power (10x, 40x, 90x, 100x) • Total magnification • Product of the magnifications of the ocular lenses (10x) and the objective lenses (10x, 40x, 90x,100x) Slide 5 Lenses • Focus light rays at a specific place called the focal point (F) • Distance between center of lens and focal point is the focal length (f) • Strength of lens related to focal length • Short focal length → more magnification Slide 6 Figure 2.3 Slide 7 Microscope Resolution • Ability of a lens to separate or distinguish between small objects that are close together • Bright-field: 0.2 µm • Wavelength of light used is major factor in resolution • Shorter wavelength  greater resolution Slide 8 Slide 9 The Dark-Field Microscope • Image is formed by light reflected by specimen • Produces a bright image of the object against a dark background • Used to observe ...
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