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Ch 7 Microbial Growth Presentation

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1 Microbial growth Chapter 7 2 Growth  Increase in cellular constituents that may result in:  Increase in cell number  Increase in cell size  Microbiologists usually study population growth rather than growth of individual cells 3 Bacterial Cell Cycle  Cell cycle is sequence of events from formation of new cell through the next cell division  Most bacteria divide by binary fission  (2 daughter cells are made)  Two pathways function during cell cycle 1. DNA replication and partition 2. Cytokinesis 4 Binary Fission • Cell elongates (increases its size) • Cell replicates its chromosome • Separation of newly formed DNA molecules • One chromosome in each half of cell • A septum (division) is formed at midcell • Parent cell divided into 2 progeny cells • Daughter cells can be divided or remain attached • Can form long chains, doublets. 5 In addition to chromosomes, what other cytoplasmic contents must be equally distributed between daughter cells? 6 The Growth Curve  Observed when microorganisms are cultivated in batch culture  Batch culture = Culture incubated in a closed vessel with a single batch of medium (Ex: nutrient broth)  Usually plotted as a logarithm of a cell number versus time  Has four distinct phases: (next slide) 7 8 1. Lag Phase • Cell synthesizing new components • The cells need to adapt to new medium or other conditions (may need to synthesize new enzymes) • Varies in len ...
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