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Ch 8 Control of Microorganisms in The Environment Presentation

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Slide 1 Control of microorganisms in the environment Chapter 8 Slide 2 Microbial control What is the goal of controlling microbial growth? • To limit the spread of pathogens (diseases) • To prevent transmission • Prevention and treatment of disease • Reduce/eliminate microorganisms responsible for food and water contamination Slide 3 Slide 4 Definition of Frequently Used Terms • Sterilization • When we destruct or remove of all viable organisms from an object • Includes living cells, viable spores, and viruses Slide 5 Definition of Frequently Used Terms • Disinfection • Killing, inhibition, or removal of pathogenic organisms (but not necessarily endospores) • Disinfectants: • Agents, usually chemical, used for disinfection • Usually used on inanimate objects Slide 6 More definitions… • Antisepsis • Prevention of infection of living tissue by microorganisms • Antiseptics • Chemical agents that kill or inhibit growth of microorganisms when applied to tissue • Not as toxic as disinfectants Slide 7 More definitions… • Chemotherapy • Use of chemical agents to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms within host tissue • More of a broad term, antibiotics are considered to be chemotherapy agent Slide 8 Antimicrobial agents  Agents that kill microorganisms or inhibit their growth  Suffix denotes the type of antimicrobial agent  bacterio-cidal agents kills or stops growth  bacterio-static agents i ...
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