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Ch 30 Microbial Interactions Presentation

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Slide 1 Microbial Interactions Chapter 30 Slide 2 Microbial Interactions • Physical associations • Symbiosis • Association of two or more different species of organisms • Ectosymbiont • Organism located on surface or outside of another organism • Endosymbiont • Organism located within another organism Slide 3 Slide 4 Mutualism • Reciprocal benefit to both partners or organism • Mutualist and host are dependent on each other • Often partners cannot live separately 1. Slide 5 Example: Microorganism-Insect Mutualism • Endosymbiotic microbe provides needed vitamins and amino acids • Insect host provides secure habitat and nutrients • e.g., aphid-Buchnera aphidicola interaction • B. aphidicola provides 10 essential amino acids • Insect dies if treated with antibiotics Slide 6 Cooperation • A common and positive form of symbiosis but not obligatory • Growth of one organism is improved by growth factors or nutrients provided by another organism growing nearby • Benefits both organisms in relationship • Differs from mutualism because cooperative relationship is not obligatory Slide 7 Commensalism • One organism benefits (B) and the other is neither harmed nor helped (A). It is positive. • Commensal = organism that benefits (B) • Unidirectional • Can involve modification of environment by one organism making it more suitable for another organism • Example: Microbial succession during spoilage of milk • Fermen ...
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