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Ch 32 Non Specific Host Resistance Presentation

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Slide 1 Non-Specific (Innate) Host Resistance Chapter 32 Slide 2 Overview of Host Resistance • Immune system • Composed of widely distributed cells, tissues, and organs • Recognizes foreign substances or microbes and acts to neutralize or destroy them • Immunity • General ability of a host to resist a particular disease or infection • Immunology • Science concerned with immune responses • Includes distinction between “self” and “non-self” Slide 3 Types of immune responses • Nonspecific immune response • Also called innate immunity- first observed in starfish in 1884 • Acts as a first line of defense • Offers resistance to any microbe or foreign material • Lacks immunological memory • Occurs to the same extent each time a microorganism is encountered Slide 4 Types of immune responses • Specific immune response • Also called adaptative or acquired immunity • Resistance to a particular foreign agent • Has “memory” • Effectiveness increases on repeated exposure to agent • The two types of responses usually work together Slide 5 Antigens • Recognized as foreign • Invoke immune responses • Cause specific cells to replicate Slide 6 Non-specific Immunity Specific Immunity Response is antigen Response is antigen independent dependent There is immediate maximal There is a lag time between response exposure and maximal response Exposure results in no Exposure results in immunological memory immu ...
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