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Energy & Fuels Presentation

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Environmental Science
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Energy & Fuels Renewable vs. Nonrenewable • Renewable energy resources – energy resources that are plentiful, clean, and which are available in constant supply or can be replenished within a human lifetime. Ex: Wood • Nonrenewable energy resources – energy resources from the remains of ancient organisms that exist in limited amounts, that are known to cause pollution, and that take longer than a human lifetime to replenish. Ex: Ancient fossil remains Energy Resources • • • • • • • • • Oil Coal Natural gas Nuclear energy Hydroelectric power Solar energy Wind power Geothermal energy Biomass energy Red = nonrenewable resource Yellow = either Green = renewable resource Nonrenewable Energy Petroleum • A liquid and gaseous mixture of hydrocarbons from the remains of ancient organisms trapped within earth’s crust • Also called crude oil (an unusable form of petroleum) • Heating oil in homes, cars Conventional Accounts of Fossil Fuel Formation Location of Petroleum & Gas Deposits Fracking • Stands for hydraulic fracturing • A process of drilling into the earth’s crust, using explosives to create cracks in the underlying shale, and extracting the oil that subsequently leaks out • Has been a big controversial issue because of it effecting drinking water. Other’s say it’s a convenient way of getting oil How Fracking Might Cause Contamination Coal • Carbonized pla ...
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