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Environmental Education, Science & Outdoor Education Presentation

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Environmental Science
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Environmental Science, Environmental Education, & Outdoor Education Defining Terms What is Environmental Science? • Group Definition – the study of the hierarchy of the environment and how it functions together in relation to the connection between creatures, plants, and people. • Real Definition – an interdisciplinary academic field that integrates physical, biological, and informational sciences to the study of the environment and the solution of environmental problems. Why study Environmental Science? • As voters, we have a role to vote on environmental issues • Rules and laws are set to prevent loss of environment or species Ecological Hierarchy of Organization cells Tissues Organs population organism community ecosystem Landscape Biome Organ systems Biosphere The Environmental Triad AIR SOIL WATER What is Environmental Science? Environmental Policy & Law Environmental Management Environmental Assessment & Monitoring Wildlife Management Park Management Water Quality Research Soil Science & Conservation Biodiversity Research Energy & Fuel Research Environmental Education Waste Management Air Quality Monitoring & Research Jobs in Environmental Science from A - Z • Academia (Ohio State University, Arizona State U.) • Energy (AEP, BP) • Environmental Assessment (Midwest Biodiversity Institute) • Environmental Education (Heartland Outdoor School, Audubon Society) • Government (EPA) • Industry (Proctor & Gamble) • Parks (Ohio Stat ...
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