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LTM Atkinson Shiffrin Model Presentation

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Long-term Memory - 1 Chapter 5 Atkinson-Shiffrin’s Model (1968) Studied mainly verbal memory Transfer of information into LTM ⚫ Control processes – 1) Strategies that determine how information is processed Rehearsal ⚫ 2) Repetition Coding ⚫ ⚫ Places the information another context Mnemonic phrases and sentences 3) Imaging ⚫ Visual images to remember verbal info Verbal Learning and Rehearsal ⚫ Rote learning – learning by repetition rather than understanding Rehearsal and Serial Position Effects Rehearsal and Serial Position Effects Metacognition (Control Processing) Acquisition Getting information into the LTM Acquisition ⚫ Allocation of Study Time – study difficult things most or easiest things most? Acquisition ⚫ ⚫ Judge how well we have learned info “Retrieval fluency” Retention Retention ⚫ Can we judge how well we know something? Retrieval Getting information OUT of the LTM Retrieval ⚫ ⚫ People typically do a quick scan of LTM to decide whether or not they might know the answer Then, they use some sort of strategy to search for the exact answer Retrieval ⚫ Tip of the Tongue Phenomenon (TOT) – – – – – – Occur in daily life ~once a week (↑ with age) Most names of personal acquaintances Words related to meaning and spelling are retained Spelling predominates ~50% resolved within 1 min In naturalistic environment – get “spontaneous retrievals” while engaged in automatic ...
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