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Control and Co Ordination in Animals Paper

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CONTROL AND CO-ORDINATION IN ANIMALS Introduction The working together of the various organs of an organism to adjust vital activities of life is called coordination. Coordination is mainly of two types:1. Nervous coordination  animals. 2. Chemical coordination  plants and animals. There are two system to control and coordinate various activities in animals (A) Nervous system (B) Endocrine system Q. Q. Q. Q. Name the two systems which control and coordinate the body functions in animals. What is the stimulus? Define coordination. Name the chemical messengers which control and coordinate various activities in plants and animals NERVOUS COORDINATION IN ANIMALS NEURON The basic structural and functional unit of nervous system. Neuron (nerve cell) is the longest cell of human body (up to 100 cm) Neuron is made up of (i) Cell body (ii) Cell processes (axon and dendron) (i)        Cell body:- or Cyton or Soma or Perikaryon It contains granular cytoplasm is called neuroplasm. Cell body has a large nucleus with nucleolus. Many small fibrils are present in the neuroplasm called neurofibrils for the conduction of nerve impulses. Rough endoplasmic reticulum coils around the ribosome and form a granule like structure called as Nissl's granule . Nissl's granule is the centre of protein synthesis. Energy for conduction of nerve impulses is provided by numerous mitochondria. Except centriole, all other cell organelles are found in neuroplasm. (ii) Cell proces ...
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