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Crime Prevention Program Presentation

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Criminal Justice
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Crime Prevention Program Student’s Name Institution Date Introduction  A target audience is a particular group of people in which a product, message or program is aimed at.  This presentation is a proposal for a new program of crime prevention that focuses on juveniles and the evaluation of the program’s effectiveness.  My target audience in this case are therefore the juveniles. Crime prevention programs  Crime prevention programs are programs that that are often implemented by the government, non-governmental organizations, businesses and communities that aim at both environmental and social factors that double crime rates.  Various approaches that focus on crime prevention have been implemented and they all differ in terms of target audience, intervention methods, goals, strategies and the reasons behind the creation of the program (Davis, 2017). Goals Goals of the crime prevention program  The main goal of every crime prevention program is to prevent crime.  The primary goal of my crime prevention project is to create techniques and solutions that will either reduce or stop crime especially among individuals below the age of 18.  For a crime to occur, three factors have to function together and they include “a criminal, a target and an opportunity to commit the crime” (Davis, 2017).  The strategies of crime prevention therefore work by removing one or more factors that lead to crime.  A significant example is that the cr ...
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