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Race and Ethnicity Essay

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Cruz 1
Brittany Cruz
Teresa Potter
ANTH 1020
26 July 2014
Concept of Race
Concept of race can be defined from two different groups, one being biological, and the
other social perspective. The biological definition for race is categorized of various sets of
heritable characteristics for instance your skin color, eyes, and hair. A persons breed, stock,
ancestor and common heritage are additional examples of biological race as well. Website,
Introduction to Anthropology, defines social race by a group assumed to have a biological basis
but actually perceived and defined in a social context, by a particular culture rather than by
scientific criteria.” Today, social race is typically replaced with the term “ethnicity” this refers to
a group which identifies itself based on common culture, shared religion, and nationality.
The difference between the two concepts is that one identifies itself based on inheritance
and physical characteristics; whereas, the other concept is based on the individual’s preference.
Overtime race has been used to distinguish people into distinct categories such as blacks, whites,
brown, and yellow. Most groups which consisted of other races besides whites where
discriminated against and viewed as unworthy or an inferior species. Due to their outlook toward
race and the terrible treatment people received the civil rights movement evolved in 1960s. This
movement was the start in preventing acts in which slavery, genocide, and discrimination was
being practiced (Boundless). Categorizing people into distinct groups and creating the term

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