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Leadership and Management for Engineers Presentation

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Commitment Pillar of The Five Pillars of TQM How to Build Commitment  Keep Everyone Informed with Complete and Honest Information  Get Frontline Workers Involved in “Management” Decisions  Share Success with Everybody 2 Keeping Everyone Informed  Many Ways to do This  Company Newsletter  “All-Hands Meetings” -- on a regular basis  Staff Meetings  Walking Around  Often, Unions Resist This  Unions should be brought into the information loop  Must Involve Effective Communication (2-Way) 3 Getting Everyone Involved in “Management Issues”  84% of America’s workers say they would work harder if they were involved in decisions  Inclusion, Involvement, Ownership, and Empowerment; or Alienation, take your pick  Alienation Breeds Mistrust. Mistrust Breeds Low Productivity  Low Productivity Results in Jobs Lost to Competitors-Many of Them are Overseas 4 Share the Success  We cannot substantially improve productivity when frontline workers see no benefit to themselves  Annual Bonuses, Stock Options, Profit Sharing, and other means of developing personal equity in the company are used by the vast majority of American companies  But only for “Management”  Very Few use any of these for Frontline Workers 5 The Importance of Commitment  “An Organization not only has a head; it also has a heart” -- Creech  The size of the heart depends upon the size of employee commitment to its ideals and g ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.


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