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Leading Change Presentation

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From the Book, Leading Change, Harvard Business School Press By John P. Kotter Leading Change  “…the engine that drives change-leadership--…a purely managerial mindset inevitably fails, regardless of the quality of the people involved”. 2 Leading Change  “To date, major change efforts have helped some organizations adapt significantly to shifting conditions, have improved the competitive standing of others, and have positioned a few for a far better future. But in too many situations the improvements have been disappointing and the carnage has been appalling, with wasted resources and burned-out, scared, or frustrated employees”. 3 Common Errors  1. Allowing Too Much Complacency  This error is fatal because transformation efforts always fail to achieve their objectives when complacency levels are high.  2. Failing to Create a Sufficiently Powerful Guiding Coalition  Includes key people plus another five to fifty with a commitment to change.  Rarely includes all of the most senior people. 4 Common Errors  3. Underestimating the Power of Vision  Vision plays a key role in producing useful change by helping to direct, align, and inspire actions on the part of of large numbers of people.  When you cannot describe the vision driving a change initiative in five minutes or less and get a reaction that signifies both understanding and interest, you are in for trouble. 5 Common Errors  4. Undercommunicating the Vision by ...
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