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Health Beliefs & Quality of Students Pursuing Health Sciences PPT

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Dietary health beliefs and dietary quality Among Students Pursuing Health Sciences: Case study Kenyatta University Presented by: Jackson K. Too H60/27957/2018 Introduction • The concept presented revolve around nutrition anthropology • It explores the dietary beliefs among students as a product of anthropological changes. • Aspects such as scarcity, abundance, technological revolutions, multinational corporations would be covered. Background • But they still display inconsistencies in their dietary practices • It is because they lack firm dietary belief to sustain good dietary quality • Unstable dietary beliefs can be attributed to what KurthNelson, Bickel & Redish (2012) termed as delay discounting • However, when choosing food to eat, they evaluate the outcome consciously and discount each option based on rewards. • Time discounting" theory requires people to give up shortterm gains in exchange for better long-term benefits. Background • The chart below summarizes relationship between dietary evolution and human evolution Pre-historic • Very small brain. • Were herbivore • Eat small animals • Low protein in their diet- low intelligence • Low intelligenceUnable to hunt big animals Austrolophiticus • Discover meat • Meat increased brain mass • Bigger brain improve their intelligence • Hunt biggeranimals Homo erectus • Bigger brain mass. • Invent more advanced tools • Hunt bigger animals Homo sapiens • Advancement in tools ? ...
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