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Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution Strategies Case Study

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Case Study
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CROSS-CULTURAL CONFLICT 1 Cross-cultural Conflict Resolution Strategies: Case Study Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation CROSS-CULTURAL CONFLICT 2 Part 1: Developing an Understanding Conflict that occurs across cultural boundaries is usually susceptible to problems of intercultural miscommunication and misunderstanding. These problems usually exacerbate the conflict irrespective of its root cause (Mahan & Mahuna, 2017). Culture is therefore an important factor in many sorts of conflicts that may initially appear to be mainly about material resources or negotiable interests. In the scenario, the cross-cultural conflict is between a refugee community and a local community organization which had escalated to an episode of violence. Tensions had been building up between the two groups based disagreements arising from ideological differences about work, family, schools, and religious practice. A major bone of contention was the role of women’s participation in political, educational and community groups. Different cultures hold diverse views on the role of women in the community. Traditionally, women were relegated to the role of homemaker. They were essentially excluded from participation in public life and other activities. In such communities, young women who aspired to attend school and raise their standards of living were often discouraged. The outcome was susceptibility to gender discrimination with limited education and awareness, and a lack of participation i ...
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