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Production and Operations Management Notes

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Production and Operations Management Topic 1 Production & Operations Management The traditional view of manufacturing management began in the 18th century when Adams Smith recognizes the economic benefits of centralization of labour. He recommended breaking of jobs into subtasks and for workers to specialize and become highly skill and efficient in the early 20th century. Fredrick Taylor implemented Smith theories and develop scientific management from then on many techniques have been developing. Below is a tabulation of highly summary of operation management: In 1776 – Specialization of labour – Adam Smith In 1832 – Division of labour based on skills – Charles Babbage In 1900 – Scientific management – Fredrick Taylor In 1900 – Motion studies – Gilbreth Frank In 1900 – Scheduling techniques – Henry Gantt In 1927 – Human relations – Elton Mayo In 1940 – Operation research – G.B Dantzig Linear programming In 1960 – Organizational behaviour – Cummings, Porter, Skiner In 1980 – Total quality management – Josef Juran, Charles Demming Production management Production management becomes acceptable term form 1930’s to 1960’s. The work of Fredrick Taylor enables manages develop techniques that focus of efficient, workers were study on great detail to eliminate waste. Sociologists and psychologists began studied people and human behaviour in the work environment. Economists and mathematician contributed to newer analytical approaches. In the ...
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