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Flying Plumber MIPS Assembly Game Project

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FINAL REPORT FLYING PLUMBER MIPS ASSEMBLY GAME Introduction Flying plumber is an assemble game developed in MIPS assembly language that is developed and inspired by the android game “Angry birds”. This will involve using MARS MIPS simulator as our basis. MARS MIPS simulator is a java-based simulator that offers a platform to develop GUI interfaces for assembly language programs. The game is developed with a 2d graphical user interface and is based on an old story line tale. Flying plumber involved the main character who flies around and the higher he flies avoiding soldiers the more points the player scores. It involves a high-level application which reads an image and generates the assembly code to print it to the screen. Description The game is based on a strict story line as follows: During the time of Muslim crusades an Islamic community had been attacked by soldiers. Due to this they needed resources from outside and therefore they used pigeons to carry information and ask for help from another city. Now since Christians couldn’t do the same, a brave plumber offered to fly himself from one city to another. The plumber is this case is the main character here. Algorithm Process I decided to do a divide and conquer method collaborating as we worked on separate aspects of the game in order to put together the program. This strategy, divide-and-conquer, splits a problem into subproblems similar to the original problem, resolves the subproblems recursively, and then ...
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