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The Spanish American War Presentation

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The SpanishAmerican War Historical Context ● Three years of fighting between Cuba and Spain (1895-1898). ● President McKinley received authorization to end the conflict. ● The U.S. ordered Spain to grant independence to Cuba, Spain refused and severed all diplomatic ties to the U.S. Geography Diplomatic Perspectives Spain ▪ Weakened by the Napoleonic Invasion of Spain. ▪ Cuba was the keystone of the Spanish empire. ▪ The country was in the aftermath of an internal conflict between absolutists and liberals The United States ▪ The USS Maine was destroyed on a mission to protect US interests in Cuba ▪ The situation with Spain and Cuba was sensationalized by American Newspapers[3] ▪ The U.S. supported Cuban independence Cuba ▪ Cuba had waged several wars against Spain to claim independence. ▪ Cubans were split on asking the U.S. for assistance out of fear of becoming a target for expansion. Historical Significance Spoils ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ The war ceased with the signing of a peace protocol The Treaty of Paris was signed after two months of negotiations The U.S. gained all of Spain’s colonies outside of Africa, including Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines[4] Cuba gained independence with its own civil government References 1. Ojeda, Jaime (2011) The Spanish-American War of 1898: A Spanish View. Retrieved from 2. McSherry, P. (n.d.). Spanish American War. Retrieved from 3. U.S. Dip ...
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