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Week 7 Angle Terms Presentation

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Week 7 Only 2 weeks left! 7.1 1, 11, 25, 31, 35, 43, 47, 51, 55, 65, 71 Angle Terms Ray: Direct line segment, has one endpoint and moves in one direction from there (named with end point E and any other point F = EF) Angle: Two rays with a common endpoint, this common endpoint is called the vertex of the angle (Named with endpoint E and any point on each side D and F = ∠DEF) Initial Side: The first ray added and does not move Terminal Side: second ray in angle, ray that moves to form the angle between the lines NOTE: movement of terminal side from initial side of angle is shown using an arrow near the angle, whatever ray the arrow is pointing at is the terminal side Measure of an Angle This is measured in the amount of rotation from the initial side to the terminal side of the angle (each degree being 1/360) Standard Position: Vertex is located at origin (0,0) and initial side goes along x-axis Positive Angle: Terminal side goes in a counterclockwise direction from the initial side Negative Angle: Terminal side moves clockwise in relation to initial side Quadrantal Angle: Terminal side is on any of the axis Quadrant 1 = 0-90 Quadrant 2 = 90180 Quadrant 3 = 180-270 Quadrant 4 = 270-360 Example 1. Draw Angles -- 30° and -135° A. Draw 30° a. Each quadrant is 90° meaning that 30° is just ⅓ of the first quadrant and you can graph a ray this way B. Draw -135° a. Determine direction of terminal ray i. Degree is negative so terminal ray will move clockwise from ...
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