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Mechanics of Materials Lab Report

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Lab Report
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MECHANICS OF MATERIALS LAB LAB REPORT # 01 Experiments: A. TORSIONAL MOMENT VS TORSIONAL ANGLE B. TORSIONAL MOMENT VS SPAN LENGTH SUBMISSION DATE: November 15, 2019 1|Page ABSTRACT: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the coefficient of elasticity of brass, steel and aluminum rod. Whenever a load is applied to the center of mass of a rod deflection in its internal structure will take place, we will change the material deflection and coefficient of elasticity of that material will take place. OBJECTIVES: Our objective while performing the experiment will be to find out the relationship between load, and change in deflection, coefficient of elasticity of different materials. TERMS AND DEFINITIONS: 1. Torque: Torque is a measure of the force that can cause an object to rotate about an axis. It is a rotational force. Just as force causes a body to acquire linear acceleration, torque causes angular acceleration. Its formula is: šœ = š¹ āˆ— š‘Ÿ sin(Ń²) Figure 1: Opening a door with maximum torque 2. Torsional Moment: Torsional moment is the twisting of a beam under the action of torque. 3. Torsional Angle: When torsional moment is applied on a beam it bends . This degree of bending is called torsional angle. 4. Span Length: Span length is the distance between two intermediate supports for a beam. Figure 2: Span length of a beam with two supports 2|Page 5. Shear Modulus: The shear modulus is the deformation of a solid when it experiences a force parallel ...
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