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Mathematical Probability Practice Quiz Questions

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MAT 1600 – Midterm 2 Part 1 1. What are the two values that uniquely characterize the binomial distribution? The two unique values for binomial distribution are the Mean and Standard deviation, mathematically represented by πœ‡ and 𝜎 respectively 2. What is the difference between a discrete and continuous random variable? The two differ in the value they assign to the outcome of the experiment, where discrete random variable has a finite number of potential outcomes, and continuous random variable has an infinite number of potential outcomes. 3. What is an example of a discrete probability distribution? Rolling a die and expecting a specific outcomes (i.e. getting a 2 when rolling a die) 4. Which probability distribution is based on the number for events that occur during a given time frame? Poisson distribution (since it includes a time frame) 5. What is the variance of the standard normal distribution? 2 πœŽπ‘†π‘‘π‘‘. π‘π‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘š. 𝐷𝑖𝑠𝑑. = 1 6. How is the variance of the Poisson distribution computed? Variance of a Poisson distribution is equal to its expected value, both of which are represented with lambda (πœ†) 7. What is one of the requirements for a probability distribution to be valid? The sum of each variable’s probability must equal 1 (i.e. 100%) 8. How is the expected value of a discrete random variable calculated? 𝑛 𝐸(𝑋) = βˆ‘ π‘₯𝑖 𝑃(π‘₯𝑖 ) 𝑖=1 MAT 1600 – Midterm 2 Part 2 1. The probability distribution fo ...
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