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Psy 435 Employee Selection and Training




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Employee Selection and Training

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Employee Selection and Training
The field of industrial organizational (I/O) psychology has been studied since the early
years. I/O psychology has developed many different inventions in the twentieth century, with
roots in the late 1800s and the early 1900s (Spector, 2008). Educational Organization such as
public schools, police officers and large department store management are the three real-world
examples in which the team will write about. The team will discuss how these organizations use
I/O psychology to select and train employees. Also the team will discuss the different methods
to measure the level of success and each training program used in I/O psychology. Finally the
team will discuss the legal and or ethical concerns that may arise in the implementation of each
training program.
Educational Organizations
Today's public school systems use I/O psychology in many areas. I/O psychology is used
to improve the performance and well-being of not only its employees but also that of the
students. An I/O psychologist can identify behaviors and attitudes and can help to improve many
situations. This can be accomplished through proper hiring practices, correct training programs,
and the use of feedback (Association, 1971-2010).
The specific characteristics and legalities of hiring a teacher change with each class as
well as state to state. However, there are those traits and characteristics that remain the same. In
an interview with Samantha Freimund, Principal, Horace Mann High School North Fond du Lac,
Wisconsin, many of these traits and characteristics became clearer. When hiring any teacher her
committee looks for several things, such as a properly filled out application, and the committee
uses an outside security firm to run a background check and a reference check. Principal
Freimund stated that proper licensure is a must (2010).

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The committee once used a questionnaire from the Gallop Industry; however the findings
were inconclusive and unreliable. Because of this they sat down with agencies within the
community and formed their own verbal questionnaire. The candidate must be able to
communicate properly with all involved, provide adequate or better lesson plans, and visualize
other areas to lend aid in. He or she must also fulfill a six credit requirement every five years,
attend Rigor-Relevance-Relationship workshops, and perform Strength Finder 2.0 questionnaires
(Freimund, 2010). Other training that is required is self-esteem building and personal growth.
These classes should include training for suicide prevention. This includes identifying the
warning signs and identifies risks involved. Given the right training the school guidance
counselor can provide training to staff and individuals. Because the school staff works with
students on a daily basis this training should be made available to everyone (Gibbons & Studer,
There are many legal and ethical concerns for training programs and selection of
employees within the educational organization. For instance, discrimination or termination,
finance issues, discipline problems, bargaining problems, changes related to the ADA and
FMLA, special education issues on placement, free speech, sexual misconduct, and interventions
related to the NCLBA (Stover & Cook, 2009). “Suicide among school-aged youth is a growing
concern, and school personnel have a legal obligation to provide suicide prevention
programming to faculty and staff” (Gibbons & Studer, 2008, para 1). School personnel have an
ethical as well as legal obligation to do whatever is necessary in order to prevent teen suicide as
statistics show suicide is the third top cause for death in 13 to 19 year olds. Those who choose to
ignore warning signs and prevention techniques should not be selected as an employee (Gibbons
& Studer, 2008). Another top concerns for schools include issues of having trouble in coping as

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