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Competency 3 reflection orgcb535

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University of Phoenix ORGCB/535: People and Organizations Competency 3 Reflection ORGCB/535: People And Organizations Competency 3: Align human resource systems with business strategies. This reflection activity is comprised of two sections collectively totaling a minimum of 500 words. Complete your reflections by responding to all prompts. Impactful Changes o o o o o The business environment changes so quickly that advice is often outdated. Assume you are a consultant. Based on your experience and readings, think about a few significant changes you see in the business environment today. Analyze 3 changes that you believe will have the most impactful change for organizations. Answer the following: What impacts will each of those changes have on HRM? What should an HR Director be doing today to be ready for the impacts of each of those changes? Impactful Changes to the Global Environment An organization hired you because they are planning to do business in one of the countries listed in Table 15.2., which means their business environment will be changing. Based on your answers to the questions above on the impact of changes in the business environment, answer the questions below. Which of those countries fascinates you the most, and why? According to the information in that table, what are the key cultural differences between the United States and the country you chose? o In your chosen country, how effective do you think each of the following practices will be, and why? ...
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