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Psy 435 Identify a leader who has had a positive impact on you




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Identify a leader who has had a positive impact on you. In your opinion, identify what
about them made you believe they were effective? Can you identify a theory of
leadership that this person's style fits into?
Clearly, there were different influences that affected me in a positive way, be it a great
philosopher, a president, and of course God. However, I must admit that there are not many
leaders who I met personally, and have influenced me or had a positive impact on my life. I
think being able to be a good leader takes a lot of encouragement, many skills such as conceptual
and technical, and the ability of having a good hand with people. Since it is a combination of
many different characteristics interplaying with each other, there were not many individuals that
I personally knew and who impacted my life in a good way. However, there is clearly the one
person that made (and still has) a tremendous wallop on my life. The person who impacted me
positively in my life and is a leader not only to me but many others, is my father. Growing up
and being able to experience how positively my dad affected the life of others was very
important to my own positive development. In my younger years, I was able to observe how my
dad led people in his company, help them succeed, and advance in their careers. Being able to
see my dad perform in such a way was amazing and taught me a lot. Not only does my dad
know how to talk to people, how to treat them fairly, and how to direct them, he also provides
guidance, support, and the right kind of knowledge so that not only the company runs perfectly
but in addition, the individuals working for his company are successful and happy. I think one of
the theories that fits my dad is the trait approach theory. This theory takes into consideration and
focuses on one’s personal characteristics that explain that certain personal aspects are needed in
becoming or making a great leader (Spector, 2008).

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Spector, P., E. (2008). Industrial and organizational psychology: Research and practice (5
Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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