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Psy 435 Reliability and Validity of Job Analysis




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Reliability and Validity of Job Analysis
A job analysis is dependent on human judgment and this judgment can be fallible
at times and full of bias. However, it has been researched that if multiple individuals rate
an analysis, the chances of being more reliable are higher. Also retesting individuals
contributes to a much stronger reliability. Both were applied, which resulted in a much
higher reliability outcome of the JCI. Various sources were used, which included new
pilots, and pilots with extensive experience versus pilots applying for the job. As stated
by Spector (2008), “ The best evidence for the validity of job analysis ratings comes from
studies that compared different methods or sources of information, such as incumbents
versus supervisors” ( p. 72). The same method was applied in this test, which helped in
the end with the validity of job analysis. Still, one should always keep in mind that these
evaluations are done by humans, allowing for mistakes and not being entirely dependable
(Spector, 2008).

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