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Machine Design & Stress Analysis Presentation

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MACHINE DESIGN MODULE 1 Prepared by: Engr. Jemar M. Bagacay Module 1: Stress Analysis •Normal Load (Axial load): Load is perpendicular to the supporting material. - Tensile Load: As the ends of material are pulled apart to make the material longer, the load is called a tension load. - Compressive Load: As the ends of material are pushed in to make the material smaller, the load is called a compression load. Tension Compression Module 1: Stress Analysis Shear Load is tangential load Module 1: Stress Analysis •Torsion Loads: Angular distortion on a component, such as a shaft, when a moment is applied. (Twisting) •Thermal Loads: Distortion caused be heating or cooling a material. A normal load is created when the material is constrained in any direction in the plane that is constrained. In order to compare materials, we must have measures. • Stress : load per unit Area F σ A F : load applied in pounds A : cross sectional area in in² : stress in psi σ A F F Stress and Strain • Strain: - Ratio of elongation of a material to the original length - unit deformation Lo e ε Lo e L e : elongation (ft) Lo : unloaded(original) length of a material (ft) : strain (ft/ft) or (in/in) ε Elongation: e  L  Lo L : loaded length of a material (ft) Stress-Strain Diagram • A plot of Strain vs. Stress. •The diagram gives us the behavior of the material and material properties. • Each material produces a different stress-strain diagram. Stres ...
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