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GEOG 102 Introduction to Human Geography Research

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Tina Ohanian Nathaniel Sheets GEOG 102 - Cultural Geography Geography Final Paper Ohanian 1 Geography, as described by Steven Graves in the online textbook, Introduction to Human Geography, “is a discipline capable of helping those who know how to use it to better understand a variety of subjects and topics. Geography is a tool that helps you ask questions, see patterns in data, solve problems and communicate solutions. Geography is sometimes called the “mother of all disciplines” because it has been around for so long.” (Graves) There are many different geographies regarding different parts of the world. The geography that intrigues me the most, is the beautiful country of Armenia. Armenia, a beautiful country neighboring Turkey to the west and Georgia to the north, is a land of rich history and buntiful culture. The main language of Armenia is Armenian, and the people of Armenia are called Armenians. The Armenian language, as beautiful as is, is a piece of the Indo-European family, however its alphabet is one of a kind. Armenia is known to have one of the oldest Christian following in the world. As strong as it is now, Armenia has been kicked around and tried throughout its entire existence. Somewhere in the range of 1915 and 1917, a huge number of Armenians passed on account of government troops in the Ottoman Empire. Yerevan needs Turkey, and the world, to perceive the passings as genocide, as a few nations have done such. Notwithstanding, Turkey says that there ...
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