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Wet and Dry Cupping Presentation

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Wet and dry cupping Name Institution Date What is cupping • Cupping therapy as an ancient and traditional method that has been used for many years. • The therapy originated in China but is currently being used all over the world • It involves placing cups made of glass, bamboo, or other different materials on specific areas of the body. • The cups placed on the body are supposed to create a suctioning effect which is seen to treat inflammation What is cupping • Cupping also increases blood circulation, reduces any pain that might be in the body, and acts as a form of massage therapy through the relaxation it brings along with it. • Supporters and specialists believe that this process also promotes the healing and well being of the people that use cupping. Types of cupping • Cupping can either be dry or wet depending on how it is administered to the person • However, both are seen to leave around bruises on the person's skin around the areas where the cup had been placed. • The benefits that come along with them are also close as both serve the same purpose. • After several kinds of research, it has been found that cupping, whether dry or wet is significant and helpful to the body • Dry cupping • Dry cupping involves placing vacuum cups on parts of the body in a way that they suck the skin (Conrad, 2016). • This leaves the affected tissue to become saturated with blood due to the sucking power of the cups . • The suctioning leaves red ...
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