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DC and AC Circuits Notes

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UNIT-1 DC AND AC CIRCUITS 1.1.  Electrical Quantities – Definitions, Symbols and Units Charge: A body is said to be charged positively, if it has deficit of electrons. It is said to be charged negatively if it has excess of electrons. The charge is measured in Coulombs and denoted by Q (or) q. 1 Coulomb = Charge pm 6.28×1018 electrons.  Electric Potential: When a body is charged, either electrons are supplied on it (or) removed on from it. In both cases the work is done. The ability of the charged body to do work is called electric Potential. The charged body has the capacity to do (or) by moving the other charges by either attraction Repulsion. The greater the capacity of a charged body to do work, the greater is its electric potential And, the work done, to charge a body to 1 coulomb is the measure of electric Potential. Electric Potential, V = Work done W = Charge Q W = Work done per unit charge. Q = Charge measured in coulombs. Unit of electric potential is joules / Coulomb (or) volt. If W 1= 1 joule; Q= 1 coulomb, then V=1/1 = 1 Volt. A body is said to have and electric potential of 1 volt, if one joule of work is done to / charge a body to one coulomb. Hence greater the joules / coulomb on charged body, greater is electric Potential.  Potential Difference: The difference in the potentials of two charged bodies is called potential difference.  Electric Current: Flow of free electrons through a conductor is called electric current. Its unit is a ...
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