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HCA430 Understanding the Scope of Vulnerable Populations


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When it pertains to a vulnerable population, it includes those who are exposed to various risk factors
such as drugs, low access to healthy foods, or even having no place to live, (Burkholder, D.M., 2013).
Based upon different data and trends, there are vulnerable people that live within more vulnerable
situations. This enhances their chances of developing diseases or even a drug addiction. I believe that
the first vulnerable population has to be consistent with HIV and AIDS. These types of groups may feel
they are out-casted by their family and friends alike, and therefore hide the fact they have the disease.
Due to the medical expenses that comes along with these diseases, could also put a very large strain
upon their lives. It is nearly estimated within statistics that there currently is over 400,000 people who
have developed these types of diseases. High risk factors pertaining to these types of people that have
occurred these diseases consists of: homosexuality and drug use, (Burkholder D.M., 2013.). I believe
for the second type of population is those who have no homes. The homeless goes through life as well
as horrible situations where they are hungry all of the time, cold or hot, and feel helpless to do
something different with their lives. Feeling a sense of helplessness can enhance their feelings of
having no one to turn to in situations as this. I believe that the third vulnerable population would have
to be those who are abused. The ones who are abused, whether it be a man or woman, have inadequate
lifestyles socially as well as mentally and physically. The physical abuse can eventually take a toll on
their bodies and the mental abuse will make them feel as if they deserve the abuse for some unknown
reasons to other but themselves. There are also some people who are not aware of themselves being
abused, and therefore this makes them more vulnerable. Pertaining to the aspects of these vulnerable
populations, have a lot of their health compromised in unforeseen situations that occur within their
lives. Many of these hardships that are brought upon these three populations make the circumstances
unknown to others. These vulnerable populations are known to become more acceptable of what
happens to them within mental conditions that are developed through the ordeals, and therefore makes
these population different from others.

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Burkholder, D. M. & Nash, N. B. (2013). Special Populations in Health Care. San Diego, CA:
Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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