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Organizational Behavior & Leadership Presentation

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MODULE 02 WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT – SKILLS FOR SUCCESSFUL MANAGERS VANTRELL BROWN HOW LEADERSHIP STYLE, SKILLS, BEHAVIOR, AND CHARACTERISTICS IMPACT ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE ➢ Leadership is very important in a firm as it leads to higher performance by the team members, it improves motivation and morale within the members, and helps to respond to change. Leadership facilitates organizational success by creating responsibility and accountability among the members of the organization. ➢ Effective leadership can influence the organizational values such as honesty, respect, ethics and tolerance by demonstrating an ideal attitude in the workplace, establishing a vision among the employees, reinforcing accountability, motivating the employees, making a vision plan for the culture and values. ➢ Effective leaders influence their organization's effectiveness by motivating and inspiring the workforce. Clear, concise communication from leaders on a regular basis ensures that all employees know what to do. With this type of structure, leaders enable organizational effectiveness, productivity and profitability. 4 Leadership Traits that positively impact Employee Satisfaction • Positive leadership involves experiencing, modeling, and purposefully enhancing positive emotions. A positive leader is interested in his or her employees' development as well as the bottom line. High selfawareness, optimism, and personal integrity. • The visionary leader inspires through exciting ideas, and ...
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