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MECH 1 UC Forces and Components Presentation

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Mechanical Engineering
University of the Cordilleras
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COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE UNIVERSITY OF THE CORDILLERAS MECH 1 STATICS OF RIGID BODIES MODULE 2: RESULTANTS OF FORCE SYSTEMS UNIT 1: FORCES AND COMPONENTS Prepared by: Brian Jhay Guzman, CE, RMP, ME-1 UNIT LEARNING OUTCOMES In this unit, here are the following desired learning outcomes: ✘ Develop methods for the resolution of a force. ✘ Establish sign conventions for forces. ✘ Solve for the resultant of concurrent forces. (coplanar) 2 Discussion The effect of a system of forces on a body is usually expressed in terms of a resultant. The value of this resultant determines the motion of the body. As well as see, If the resultant is zero, the body will be in equilibrium and will not change its original state of motion. This is the province of statics. If the resultant of a force system is not zero, the body will have varying state of motion, thereby creating a problem in dynamics. 3 RESOLUTION OF A FORCE In the last unit, it was assumed that a certain body was acted on by two other bodies, and the action of a third body was found which if allowed to replace the two would have the same external effect on the body in question. The reverse of this process, namely, the resolution of a force, is also of great importance in mechanics. The action of one body may be replaced by that of two bodies. The resolution of a force is accomplished by means of the parallelogram and triangle laws and the components (resolved parts) may be found graphically or algebr ...
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