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Routing Protocols and Concepts Presentation

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Introduction to Routing and Packet Forwarding Routing Protocols and Concepts Philip Neri 1 Objectives ▪ Identify a router as a computer with an OS and hardware designed for the routing process. ▪ Demonstrate the ability to configure devices and apply addresses. ▪ Describe the structure of a routing table. ▪ Describe how a router determines a path and switches packets 2 Router as a Computer ▪ Describe the basic purpose of a router -Computers that specialize in sending packets over the data network. They are responsible for interconnecting networks by selecting the best path for a packet to travel and forwarding packets to their destination ▪ Routers have many of the same hardware and software components that are found in other computers including: –CPU –RAM –ROM –Operating System 3 Router as a Computer ▪ Router components and their functions” ▪CPU - Executes operating system instructions ▪ such as system initialization, routing functions, and switching functions. ▪Random access memory (RAM) -RAM stores the instructions and data needed to be executed by the CPU. RAM is used to store these components: –Operating System: The Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) is copied into RAM during bootup. –Running Configuration File: This is the configuration file that stores the configuration commands that the router IOS is currently using. –IP Routing Table: This file stores information about directly connected and remote networ ...
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