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Network Addressing IPv4 Presentation

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Network Addressing – IPv4 Network Routing Philip Neri 1 Objectives ▪ In this chapter, you will learn to: – – – – – – Explain the structure IP addressing and demonstrate the ability to convert between 8-bit binary and decimal numbers. Given an IPv4 address, classify by type and describe how it is used in the network. Explain how addresses are assigned to networks by ISPs and within networks by administrators. Determine the network portion of the host address and explain the role of the subnet mask in dividing networks. Given IPv4 addressing information and design criteria, calculate the appropriate addressing components. Use common testing utilities to verify and test network connectivity and operational status of the IP protocol stack on a host. 2 The Anatomy of an IPv4 Address ▪ At the Network layer, the packets need to be identified with the source and destination addresses of the two end systems. –Each device on a network must be uniquely defined. –Each packet has a 32-bit source address and a 32-bit destination address in the Layer 3 header. –These addresses are used in network as binary patterns. –For us in the human network, a string of 32 bits is difficult to interpret and even more difficult to remember. Therefore, we represent IPv4 addresses using dotted decimal format. ▪ Dotted Decimal; Binary; Octet –Each byte of the binary pattern, called an octet. •Each decimal number represents one byte or 8 bits, or an octet. –Binary ...
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