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Solar Energy Exam

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Before answering numerical exercises.. REMEMBER THE FOLLOWING: 1) Pay attention to the units in which you have to introduce your answer. They are always given in the exercise formulation. 2) You don't have to insert the units or the "%" symbol in the answer box; just the number. 3) If you want to put decimals, use the period symbol ".". 4) Some of the answers involve powers of 10. For example, one exercise may ask you for the electron concentration in 104cm−3. If your answer is, for example, 4.5∗104cm−3, you will just need to insert in the answer box "4.5". If, on the other hand, your answer is 4.5∗103cm−3, you will need to insert "0.45". 5) Lastly, if you want to be safe, do NOT round off your answer unless explicitly stated. Too many decimals will never result in a wrong answer. For this assignment, you may have to apply some of the useful constants and/or formulas provided here: Download the Constants and Formulas Useful website: EQ1.1.1 DRIFT OF CHARGE CARRIERS (1 point possible) Which of the following statements is false regarding the ‘drift’ of charge carriers? It is the dominant carrier transport mechanism when an electric field is applied in the semiconductor. Holes move in the direction opposite to that of the applied field. During drift, the carrier transport is characterized by their respective electron/hole mobilities. drift, electrons and holes move in opposite directions. - unanswer ...
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