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Diversity Based Legislation Presentation

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DIVERSITY BASED LEGISLATION Name Institutional Affiliation Date History of Diversity Based Legislation • The history of diversity based legislation can be traced back to the Jim crow era in the 18th century (Travers, 2015). • This was the period when Whites used to be superior and blacks were inferior and discriminated. • Whites and blacks were not supposed to share facilities like schools, hospitals, housing, and transport. History Cont. • Following the racial segregation, blacks social activists like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King started fighting for equality (Evans, 2016). • They mobilized people and formed movements. • Discrimination was later forbidden in 1964 after the formulation of a federal law named Civil Rights Act of 1964 Challenges of Managing Diversity • Despite many benefits that come with embracing diversity based legislation, there exists some challenges in its implementation. • They include: ❖ Cultural and ethnic differences ❖ Gender equality ❖ Gaps between generations ❖ Communication and language ❖ Mental and physical disabilities Historical Legislation • Diversity based legislation in the United States has improved over the years. • Previously, laws were made in favor of the whites while blacks were discriminated. • The major races that dominated the US were European Americans, Native Americans and African Americans. • The superior race was the European Americans followed by the Native Americans. African America ...
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