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Chapter 2 Animation Development Presentation

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CHAPTER 2 ANIMATION DEVELOPMENT E024569 2. Animation Process 1. 2. 3. Pre-Production Production Post-Production 2. Animation Process 1. Pre-Production Idea creation Storyline Scriptwriting Storyboarding Animatic Design Idea Creation & StoryLine         Who are the characters? What is this project for? Who is your audience? What is the conflict ? What is the final product? Who will want to use my idea? Who will want to buy my idea? What is the payoff for my audience? Script    A formal written form of the final story. It has written within it the basic character movements, environment, time, actions, and dialogue. The script must describe what will be seen and heard onscreen for different production teams to know what will be created Storyboard     Is the visual story form of the script/screenplay (comic) A storyboard is also the first visual representation of your entire story. It includes early ideas of camera staging, early representations of possible visual effects, and some key character poses or scene events that will be in the project. Each image in a storyboard visually depicts a story beat, or moment, from the script. Storyboard Animatic/Pre-visualization      is a moving form of the storyboard. If you think of a storyboard as a comic book, an animatic is a limited animation of your entire story. animatic can be created in just about any way you create a simple movie on the com ...
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