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Parasympathetic Nervous System Functions & State of Changes Questions

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HA Review for Final: April 26
(50 questions)
1. The name the opening of the cervix? Cervical os
2. Cervical mucous isincreased/thin/stringy/elasticduring ovulation.
3. Position patient assumes during vaginal exam?lithotomy
4. Special accommodations made during vaginal exam if she is hearing impaired?
- Lift the head of bed so she can see you and read your lips
5. Expected genital changes for males after going through puberty?
- testicular enlargement/ pubic hair development/ enlargement of the penis
6. Inspection of the glans penis- requires what?????????????
- Instruct the patient tohold the penis in his handand examine the head. If not circumcised, he should gently pull
back the foreskin to expose the glans. Inspection and palpation of the entire head of the penis should be
performed in a clockwise motion while the patient carefully looks for any bumps, sores, or blisters on the skin.
7. Technique used to detect inguinal hernia.
- With the patient standing, ask him to bear down as if having a bowel movement. While he is straining, inspect
the area of the inguinal canal and the region of the fossa ovalis. After asking the patient to relax again, insert
your examining finger into the lowerpart of the scrotum and carry it upward along the vas deferens into the
inguinal canal. You can auscultate for bowel sounds, which will be present in uncomplicated reducible hernias.
Which finger you use depends on the size of the patient. In the young child, the little finger is appropriate; in the
adult, the index or middle finger is generally used. You should be able to feel the oval external ring. Ask the
patient to cough.If an inguinal hernia is present, you should feel the sudden presence of a viscus against your
finger.The hernia is described as indirect if it lies within the inguinal canal. It may also come through the external
canal and even pass into the scrotum. Because an indirect hernia on one side strongly suggests the possibility of
bilateral herniation, be sure to examine both sides thoroughly. If the viscus is felt medial to the external canal, it
probably represents a direct inguinal hernia.
8. The most common type of hernia in young males.
-Indirect hernia Presents as soft swelling in area of internal ring; pain on straining.
9. Complication of mumps.
- Orchitis Acute inflammation of the testis secondary to infection.
10. The usual number of vertebral bodies.
- 33
11. When does the mental/musculoskeletal exam start?
- As soon as patient walks in the door
12. Legg calusperthes disease
13. The hallmark of osteoporosis exam finding?

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