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Psy 410 Week 1 - DQ 2_Why is it important to understand the history of abnormal




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3. Why is it important to understand the history of abnormal psychology?
The history of abnormal psychology is important because we need to know how far
we have come throughout time with the study of abnormal psychology. It is important
to know some of the old methods used were cruel and inhumane and did not prove to
be beneficial. Treating a person with a mental illness like a criminal or animal would
only make the person act worse. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries people
with mental illnesses were roped, tied, chained, shackled with balls and chains. Today
we have a more civil approach and we use various methods to combat mental illness.
Less hospitalization began in the 1960's( Hansell & Damour, 2008). Today
community outpatient programs, medications, psychotherapy, ect. helps to create new
forms for old disorders. In addition, knowing the history of abnormal psychology
helps with learning the pattern of mental illnesses. Preventative measures is important
and not repeating the same ineffective methods is helpful for the advancement of
abnormal psychology. The best ways to address abnormal psychology is knowing how
far we have come, the field of abnormal psychology is has advanced from the most
inhumane forms to the most practical and more effective methods and approach.
Dorthea Dix a school teacher raised millions of dollars to help establish state mental
hospitals, so people with mental illnesses could receive humane treatment (Hansel &
Damour, 2008).
Hansell, J., Damour, L. (2008). Abnormal Psychology. (2nd edition). Hoboken, NJ:

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