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HCA430 Facators Affecting Vulnerability and Assessment of Needs


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After watching the segment pertaining to the premature babies, I have came to the conclusion that the
risk factors for this type of group has to be age and education. When someone is young in age, they will
not know nor understand the proper methods of taking care of an unborn baby. That could be immature
and still eat unhealthy foods such as snacks all the time, they would not know how to obtain the proper
healthcare for themselves as well as the unborn baby, and they definitely wouldn't have the knowledge
or education to take care of an unborn baby, much less after they have the baby, (Burkholder, D.M.,
2013). Education plays a huge role in young mothers. If you are not well educated, then something you
may think is right but really isn’t could harm the baby and possible deter into a premature birth. The
healthcare needs would be to understand the proper nutrients themselves as well as the baby needs,
proper sleep, as well as exercise. If the mother is unfit or unhealthy, then the there is a huge possibility
the baby will be as well, (Morgan MA, 2008). The proper way in addressing these situations is ensuring
that young teens understands and gains the knowledge of using protection or abstinence to prevent
these situations from occurring. It is sad when you see woman have babies that don’t have the proper
knowledge or maturity to even take care of themselves.
When it comes to the alcohol and substance abuse segments, the two factors for this group would be
income and age. I say age due to the fact youngsters are always trying to be cool around their peers and
want to do what they are doing to seem cool. They don't quite comprehend that it is bad for their health
and could lead to serious problems such as an heart attack from the substance abuse or liver cancer
from the alcohol. Income plays a huge role as well, (Ksir, Oakley, 2002). When someone is stressing
over income, for instance they think they don't make enough, even though they don't have the funds;
they would venture out into drugs and alcohol to try and cover their depression. They won’t realize
until long term effects that it has actually brought them deeper into a hole than what they first began as.
The health care needs of substance abuse and alcoholism are very serious. Those who do these types of
things don't realize it could stop their heart from beating or that it could even kill them by overdosing.
Even drinking alcohol could cause poison within the blood stream and kill you, (Ksir, Oakley, 2002).
When addressing issues such as these, I believe long term care would have to be the deal. For those
who can so easily become addicted, may not be as easy to come of the drugs or alcohol and therefore,
would need long term care.
Burkholder, D.M., & Nash, N.B. (2013) Special Populations in Health Care.
Morgan MA, Goldenberg RL, Schulkin J (2008). "Obstetrician-gynecologists' practices regarding
preterm birth at the limit of viability".
Ksir, Oakley Ray; Charles (2002). Drugs, society, and human behavior (9th ed. ed.). Boston [u.a.]:

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