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Psy 410 Week 2 - DQ 1_Are anxiety disorders over-treated with medication




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1. Are anxiety disorders over-treated with medication? Explain your answer.
I believe that they are over-treated. I want to speak from experience. I have had
GAD, and the first thing I was prescribed was xanax. I have to admit instead of me
being offered counseling or someone to talk to I was given pills. I did take these pills
and they made me feel strange. I would have trouble functioning the next day. So I
stopped taking them. It seems that with some of the disorders we need to find other
means of addressing their anxiety. I don't believe a person should be given pills
because they are afraid of spiders or snakes. If a person is afraid of elevators, then
take the stairs. I just feel that some people make themselves more afraid than what
they really are, and medication companies have a good time a servicing people who
could simply go through other measures to be cured. Hypnosis has been used for
some anxiety disorders, if we add up the costs of medications, sending a person
through therapy would cost less and prevent people from becoming addicted to anti-
anxiety drugs. I understanding that some people literally shutdown when they
experience an anxiety attack and I don't want to make it seem that medication is not
necessary because for some it truly is; I just believe we need to work on the cause of
the anxiety instead of using pills to soothe a person's anxiety. The benefits of hypnosis
can improve the success of treatments for phobias, fears, anxiety, sleep disorders,
depression, stress, post-trauma anxiety, grief, and loss (WebMd, 2011).
WebMd (2011). Anxiety and Panic Disorders Center.Retrieved

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