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Translation Of Evidence Into Nursing Practice

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Health & Medical
Rasmussen University
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Translation of Evidence into Nursing Practice Name Institution Introduction ❖Nursing theories consist of principles that researchers can use to investigate a phenomenon. ❖Nurses rely on evidence-based practice to achieve positive patient outcomes in the clinical setting. ❖The Watson Theory of Human Caring is an example of the nursing theories that is useful for this purpose. ❖Therefore, this presentation will explain the link between this theory and the selected research study. Summary of Research Design ❖Study was designed to determine the impacts of an educational intervention on the quality of NPR, nurses’ QoWL, and patients’ QoL (Delmas et al., 2018). ❖The educational intervention was based on the Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. ❖The following research questions were used for the study: i. Whether educational intervention (EI) promotes humanistic nursing practices in the clinical setting? ii. Whether these practices have positive effects on the quality of NPR, nurses QoWL, and patient QoL? Summary../2 ❖Research design was a mixed-method cluster randomized controlled trial (RCT) (Delmas et al., 2018). ❖Study population consists of 135 nurses and 430 patients who were divided into the experimental and control groups. ❖Quantitative data was collected via questionnaires while qualitative ones was obtained via 18 semi-structured interviews. ❖Data analysis was performed via phenomenological method, descriptive, and inferential statistics. ...
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