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Psy 410 Week 3 - DQ 1_How do you feel about the following statement Eat to live rather than live to




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2. How do you feel about the following statement: “Eat to live, rather than live to
Hi Maria and Class, I believe this statement is basically telling us we need to only
find means for survival (food, clothing, shelter), and not live for things that could
possibly harm us or have us trying to live by unreasonable standards. I have heard this
statement made, and I believe that the statement is figuratively speaking. I believe we
should eat to live. However, people with eating disorders have an abnormal eating
habit or pattern. I believe if we could work from "eat to live" ideology, this would
help many. However, our country is obsessed with food and appearances. People tend
to get confused when we show them ads for food and how good it is and how much
you can get for your money, then people will begin to eat more, but then we show ads
of people being muscular, thin, or with a certain body type, this is how we should
Now I believe this is confusing and sends multiple messages. I have even noticed
that commercials for food do not show overweight people (other than weight loss
commercials), which is a warning sign, because a person cannot live off of large
quantities of food especially fast foods and stay thin and healthy ( some may stay
thin) not without having some other physical condition (s). Yes we all want to live a
comfortable and pleasurable life, but we have to take into consideration our lifestyles
and what we find to be the most important things in life. Humans evolved with the
times and to allow yourself to get in a unhealthy physical state may force some to go
back to the "eat to live" ideology, simply because having an eating disorder could
become a matter of life or (near) death for some people (Mary Kate Olsen and Tracey

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