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Psy 410 Week 3 - DQ 2_Can sex be abnormal between consenting adults Why or why not




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1. Can sex be abnormal between consenting adults? Why or why not?
I believe sex can be abnormal between consenting adults, especially for those who
believe in swinging. I believe that most would agree that consenting adults that
exchange partners may not be what society believes as normal. I would have to say in
being fair that what people do is their business and what maybe good for me, may not
be good for you. So with this in mind people who choose to have additional partners
in their marriage may not be abnormal to those participants. I know we must take
culture, religion, and other factors into account. However, I have read a lot of
information about couples who participate in these sexual acts, many have problems
in their marriages after they have invited another person or couple into their lives.
Actually, last week on Dr. Phil, there was a man who was constantly pressuring his
wife about having another person join them (another woman). However, some couples
do not experience any problems and go around the world/country visiting places that
have special accommodations for couples who are swingers.

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