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Psy 410 Week 4 - DQ 2_How can socioeconomic status and




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3. How can socioeconomic status and wealth influence the development of a mentally
healthy child?
Socioeconomic status does have quite the influence on a child's mental health status.
For instance children who endure some of the hardships that often comes with lower
socioeconomic status have endured situations that can cause great anxiety or
encourage the development of another mental health disorder. Some of these
situations include homelessness, going long periods without adequate food, and even
social stigma and teasing that comes with the situation the child is forced to live in.
Sometimes these mental health disorders develop when the individual is still a child,
other times the disorder does not manifest itself until the individual becomes an adult.
I personally believe that this is sometimes because the individual has to remain
emotionally strong in order to live through the ordeal as a child, but once the
individual has grown and earned some control over his or her life, the mental health
disorder is able to manifest itself. This is not always so though, many children
develop mental health issues, and many are because of the socioeconomic status that
they reside in. Even though socioeconomic status has a great effect on a child's mental
health, it is not the only influencer. There are also many children who develop mental
health issues and live in higher socioeconomic standing.

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