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Psy 410 Week 5 - DQ 2_Many mentally ill people complain about society stigmatizing them,




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3. Many mentally ill people complain about society stigmatizing them, Do they have
a legitimate complaint? Explain your answer.
Yes, mentally ill people do have a legitimate complaint. The reason why is because
all mental illnesses are not the same and some people may suffer from multiple
disorders or conditions, and we can not group everyone together as being the same.
Unfortunately there are people with mental illnesses that commit horrific crimes and
leaves an impression for many that people with mental illnesses are negative. This is a
stigma that does follow a person, and discrimination against people with mental
illness can happen as well. What many do not realize mental illnesses comes in many
different forms and affects all ethnic groups. Movies and hour programming on
television will use people such as Jason from Halloween, Freddie from A Nightmare
on Elm's street, and shows such as Investigation ID will show programs that have
people with mental illnesses who commit crimes (Wicked Attraction), these things
only heighten what most have little education about (especially the movies). I believe
also when we use the word crazy in connection with mental illness this does not help
those who suffer, because when most hear crazy they try to avoid being in the
presence of people who they think may be "crazy", but that may not be the case at all.

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