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Psy 410 Week 5 - The Case Study of Jack Ruby - Analyzing Multiple Components of Disorders




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Analyzing Multiple Components of Disorders with Violence
Pedreed Anjahal
University of Phoenix
Maria Neely, MA, M.Ed.

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The Case Study of Jack Ruby
Jacob Rubenstein is infamous for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald, two days after
Oswald’s successful assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Known by society as
Jack Ruby, he had many significant factors that may have contributed to his motivation to
commit murder. Crimes committed do have motivation and reasoning factors. Ruby during his
crime had rage and wanted to stress his beliefs in a manner society deems unacceptable.
However, Ruby’s successful attempt opens the door to a path of unknown factors that
contributed to Ruby’s behavior. In addition diagnosing Ruby’s mental status through several
approaches is ideal. Reviewing early childhood and adulthood helps with analyzing the
biological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components that factor into disorders with
violence. In this paper the subject to explain is the biological, emotional, cognitive, and
behavioral components in detail and the correlation with the actions of Ruby on November 24,
Analyzing Biological Components
The biological components explain the genetic, hormonal, neurotransmitter
abnormalities, and brain abnormalities in association with the disorder (Hansell & Damour,
2008). Ruby was diagnosed with affective disorder and antisocial personality disorder; also
Ruby’s lawyers contended he suffered from psychomotor epilepsy. Unfortunately, Ruby’s mother
suffered from a paranoia condition, she suffered from delusions that increased significantly after
his conviction. The biological aspect of psychomotor epileptic seizures indications that Ruby
may had a biological or genetic link from his mother. However, in this case a person who suffers

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from psychomotor epileptic seizures will experience illusions and behavioral responses to the
illusions (Meyer, Chapman & Weaver, 2009).
In addition, suggestions mentioned that Ruby suffered from an affective disorder also.
Ruby showed signs of depression and admitted to experiencing depression as a child and as an
adult he would eat excessively to alleviate his depression, which is a likely pattern (Meyer,
Chapman & Weaver, 2009). Affective disorders also come in the forms of bipolar disorder
displaying major mood swings, or cyclothymia, which displays minor mood swings. No proof of
Ruby having manic episodes is confirmed however, the biological link of antisocial personality
disorder was present beginning in early childhood when Ruby witnessed his mother beaten by
his father, alcoholism, poverty, physical abuse toward him, and his siblings. A contributing
factor of Ruby’s behavior was separation from his parents, and placement in a foster home at the
age of 10 (Meyers, Chapman & Weaver, 2009).
The biological components correlate with the behaviors displayed by Ruby and the
diagnoses of his mother and father would have an effect on his behavior. Disorders may not
surface immediately, some are cued, in the case of Ruby his early childhood development is a
significant factor. The biological components played a role in Ruby’s violence.
Analyzing Emotional Components
In addition to biological, emotional components play a factor in Ruby’s behavior. During
his childhood he experienced traumatic emotional pain. The abuse of Ruby’s mother was a
portion to the equation that continued to affect him mentally. During trial his lawyers argued he
was depressed as a child, also he was diagnosed with depression by the welfare department. The
day Ruby shot and mortally wounded Oswald, his emotions had spiraled out of control. Ruby’s

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