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PSY 405 Week 4 Summary.




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Week 4 Summary
DQ 1: It was interesting to read about the different dispositional theories. At first, the topic was a
bit confusing to myself, yet after reading others dqs as well, it was easier to understand. The
topic of introversion and extroversion has always fascinated me. Although I have understood
what I have read, I often get confused to exactly what factors affect personality the most. I guess
thinking about all of the theories a bit helps.
DQ 2: I really enjoyed reading and learning about how mortality rates can be affected by
personality. However, I still do not feel that a mortality rate can truly be predicted; because there
are those cases that are sometimes extremely off with the majority of findings. Yet, for the most
part I believe that personality factors can predict mortality rate. I used to worry that my stress
levels would cause me to have heart problems down the line. However, with learning to cope
with stress and exercising I feel that I am much healthier now.
Discussions: Discussions were great as always. I enjoyed discussing coping skills, as I feel we
can all use those from time to time. I also find it interesting how often I can help others cope
with their issues, whether they big large or small, but at times have difficulties with my own
coping skills. I have always found it interesting how psychologists often go to therapy as well, as
you would think the psychologists could take his or her own advice.
Individual: This week I had quite a bit of difficulties with the individual paper. It was as if my
brain was frozen. I understand the topics and theories, but trying to put the theories into
perspective were quite challenging I thought. Although, I really enjoyed reading more in depth
about Bandura’s theory. I feel that all of the theories that I have read have had excellent points,
but is difficult to find one specific theory that I agree with the most.
Team Assignment: This week our team assignment was great. We all worked ahead of the
deadlines, which I feel helped us all in not feeling stress. Our team paper really helped me to
better understand the theories. The trait and factor theory was very interesting to learn about. I
find that theorist, such as Cattell who spent much time observing people in their everyday lives is
the most beneficial to making conclusions about people. I feel that when people know that they
are being watched they usually act differently.

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