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Ethical And Policy Factors In Care Coordination

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ETHICAL AND POLICY FACTORS IN CARE COORDINATION Student’s name: Date: Course Number: Care Coordination ➢ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) defines care coordination as the organization of patient care activities and information sharing among all the stakeholders involved in patient care to attain harmless and effective care (Vrijhoef, 2017). ➢ Care coordination is achieved through specific care activities and wide approach that enhance the delivery of care. ➢ The Institute of Medicine (IOM) identifies the role of care coordination as vital strategy that can be used to enhance the efficiency, safety, and effectiveness of the healthcare system (Vrijhoef, 2017). Impact of Government Policies on Care Coordination ➢ The government has implemented various healthcare policies to achieve healthcare goals through their influence on significant actions in specific communities. ➢ These policies ensure that nursing homes follow the laid down rules and regulations when dealing with issues and activities that are vital to health and safety (Cabanal, 2018). ➢ Key policies that affect the care coordination in nursing homes include: • Affordable Care Act (ACA). • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Affordable Care Act (ACA) ➢ Before the implementation of ACA, healthcare costs were high, competitive, and highly fragmented. ➢ ACA was implemented in 2010 to achieve three goals: • To avail affordable health insurance to all ...
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