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PSY 375 Week 2 DQ 2




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What aspects of parenting are linked with the development of young children? What style
of parenting did your parents use in rearing you? What affect do you think that their
parenting styles had on your development?
Week 2 DQ 2
Parenting styles differ greatly from person to person and have a profound impact on how a child
develops. Diana Baumrind was the first person to develop the three patterns of parenting which
describe 3 different methods used by parents. The first of them is authoritarian parenting.
Authoritarian parenting is harsh and often abusive. Implications of this form of parenting
may include depression, feelings of guilt and rebellion in the later stages of adolescences. The
second pattern is permissive parenting. This form of parenting is exactly as it implies,
permissive. Parents are very nurturing and communicate well with the children, but general
guidance and punishment are lacking. Children of permissive parents tend to be unhappy and
immature and may be highly dependent adolescences and adults. The final pattern of parenting
is authoritative. This form is considered to be the most sought after and appreciated form of
parenting for children. In authoritative parenting communication is open between the parent and
child and punishment is firm yet compassionate. Children of authoritative parents are often
stable and successful in their adolescent and adult years.
My parents were a cross between authoritative and authoritarian. First, I feel that my parents
used a different parenting style on my sisters and I. As my sisters would say, I was daddy's little
princess so I wasn't disciplined the same as they were. I agree to an extent, however, only feel
that one of my sisters was punished differently than the rest. I do believe that some children,
especially if they are cottled in their early years, have a tendency to develop feelings of
inferiority. This was my sister's case, and thus, as she became older and started acting out, her
punishment seemed more harsh than that of mine and my other sisters. I do recall being
spanked as a child, however, I do not believe it was excessive enough to be damaging. I wasn't
an aggressive child at all in my youth, nor was I quiet. I was fairly outgoing and pretty stable.
The only implications I feel my rearing had on my development was a mediocre self-esteem,
and a sense of being a protector, in other words very nurturing!!

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